Deliver Me

Releasing July 18th, 2023

Mia Anderson is a pastor's daughter. Young and naïve, she's full of bright-eyed optimism that prayer and small acts of kindness can change the world. She never imagined that a program to send letters to lonely inmates at a nearby prison would force her to reexamine everything she believed about her faith and her future. 


Gabriel Myers was a spoiled rich kid with an attitude his parents didn't have time to tame. When they sent him away and into the care of his fanatically religious uncle, they set in motion a chain of events that left his father dead and fifteen year old Gabriel on trial for murder. The courtroom dissolved into a media circus and the truth about what really lead to that night was swept under the rug.  Now, twelve years later, he is still struggling with the blood on his conscience. 


When their worlds collide and Gabriel gets another chance at justice, will they find their way into each other's arms? Or was Mia dead wrong to put her faith in one of the dangerous ones?