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January 2024- A Fearless Year

I have admittedly not done as much with this blog space as I could have been doing since I got my website set up. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest one has been fear. I was afraid of being seen and afraid of not being seen, of putting in wasted effort or not being able to keep up with yet another writing task.

I'm an anxious person and I'm a little afraid of everything, if I'm being very honest. So afraid, actually, that I even considered deleting the blog function from my website completely.

But two things happened that convinced me to give a try and see what happened. The first was choosing my word for the new year (Fearless) and the other was realizing that I do occasionally have some things to say that are worth saying.

So my goal for this blog is to put out content once a month for a full year. I want to see if I can conquer my fears and maybe find my voice in a way that is useful to my audience.

I already have my February topic in mind and will have that out to everyone soon!

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